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The Tell Tale

Commodore's Corner

Commodore Keith Sugg

Fellow sailors,
Wow!  Time really flies.  I guess it’s been 25 or so years since I last served as Commodore.  It certainly doesn’t seem that long.  And it’s amazing with all that has changed over the last few decades how much is still the same.  Most of us still feel the same draw to our boats and the water, and we still find the same satisfaction from sailing and the camaraderie of the docks.
We started off 2017 with our annual membership meeting on Jan 21 at the Iron Mountain Marina conference room.  Thank you to David and IMM for making the room available to us again free of charge.  If you haven’t paid your 2017 dues please do so now.  Don’t forget that to avoid a $10 late fee, dues must be paid (received by Treasurer) before Feb 15. Send to:
   Jay Schafer
   10 Woodstock
   Little Rock, AR 72227.
The minutes of the meeting will be available on the IMYC website and Facebook page, but I’ll list the highlights here:
First, thanks goes out to George Boger for very successfully manning the helm for us for the last two years.  He left the club in good shape going into 2017.  George thanked all those who helped him over the last two years, with a special recognition of Ron, Jeff and Lance for their major contributions toward completing the pavilion project.
The business and activities of the club for 2017 will be managed by:
Commodore             Keith Sugg
Vice Commodore      Kathy Aldrich
Secretary/Treasurer  Jay Schafer
Race Coordinator      Eddie Zeiler
Communications       John Bomar
Special Announcement and Invitation:  The IMYC family is invited to attend and celebrate the marriage of Kathy Aldrich and Ken Ledoux on Saturday, September 30th, 2:00 p.m. at Iron Mountain Marina.










July 4th Celebration

            The Iron Mountain Yacht Club Independence Day celebration is Saturday July 4th. We’ll celebrate with America’s quintessential food – hamburgers and hotdogs – with the Barbara and Keith Sugg and Darrell and Lynn Coston hosting the meal. Deserts are potluck. After dinner we’ll form a flotilla to parade out to see the fireworks on the lake.

            To get an accurate estimate for the event, please RSVP via the surveymonkey atIMYC Annual July 4th Events - RSVP. (If the link doesn’t work, copy and paste into your browser’s URL.) The survey will ask how many IMYC members and guests are coming.


Greers Ferry Lake Regatta

            The weekend of June 6th, Eddie and Frank Zeiler, Ron Nash and I traveled up to Heber Springs to participate in a regatta with the Greers Ferry Lake Yacht Club. George Yerger, a member of GFLYC, invited Eddie and his Z-Cat Catalina 22 to a club race on Greers.

            This past spring, George trailered his Catalina 22 to DeGray and participated in two of our regattas. (Each regatta is 3 races.) In his first regatta, he finished the day first overall, and Eddie was second. In his second regatta, Eddie finished the day first overall, and George was second.

            George doesn’t lack confidence in his sailing ability, and will certainly let you know about it. To see what happened, read the write up by Ron Nash at (Click on the left picture.) The last picture in Ron’s write up shows us swapping club burgees with George. The GFLYC burgee given to us is now hanging at the west end of our pavilion.


The Pavilion

            Seeing Eden Isle Marina, where GFLYC is located, made us appreciate our docks at Iron Mountain Marina. We have covered walkways to relax under and a pavilion for club gatherings. One GFLYC member, who recently had seen our docks, commented on how great these things were as we sat on a sailboat under a bimini top, one of the few places on the dock we could go to get out of the sun.

            In the near future, we need to plan on refloating our pavilion with new flotation blocks to keep the wood joists and flooring from touching the water and rotting. That’ll guarantee us having many more years of club gatherings at the lake. See everyone soon at the lake.

George Boger, Commodore



Taps for Rick Moore...  Fellow Sailors, It is with great sorrow that I report to you that Rick Moore has died in an auto accident this Tuesday afternoon.  Words are lost on me for this one...

My deep, heart felt sympathy goes to Lucy and Rick's family.  Rick is a friend, a fellow sailor, and will be deeply missed.

God Speed, Rick Moore...

"I find the great thing in this world is not so much where we stand, as in what direction we are moving: To reach the port of heaven, we must sail sometimes with the wind and sometimes against it, but we must sail, and not drift, nor lie at anchor."
                                                                                  --  Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr.

In lieu of flowers  the family has asked that you please consider making a donation to Arkansas Hands and Voices.

Arkansas Hands & Voices
PO Box 512
Conway, AR 72033
501.569.8907 (Voice or Relay Services)

Click here to download our brochure.

  The Chili Cook-Off was a blast. We also had the great Pumpkin Carving to boot.  The Professional Judges for the Chili and the Pumpkins were on hand to make the serious choices for the winners. Although the judges were lured to the pavilion on the pretense they would be judging a wet T-shirt contest, they did their dutiful job of choosing the best Chili and the best Carved Pumpkin.


Now, understand, there were some awfully good Chili and some great carved Pumpkins. I especially liked the Sugg spaghetti hair pumpkin. ***Check out the pix on the link below***



And, in a unanimous vote, Susan Schafer won the Silver Bowl Chili Cookoff Best Chili!!!

Do you know the proper use of the Arkansas flag on your vessel?


Note: This section does not cover the use of yacht club burgees, owners’ private signals, U.S. Power Squadron Flags, United States Coast Guard Auxiliary Flags, foreign flags, or social and courtesy flags. Rules for these are well established and may be found in existing literature. The U.S. Ensign with a
16 canton of 50 stars (as the U.S. Flag is called while in nautical use) and the U.S. Yacht Ensign, with a canton of 13 stars, are interchangeable on all types of recreational vessels while in national waters. Because the preferred location for the U.S. Power Squadron Flag is also the starboard spreader, it may be flown beneath the Arkansas Flag.

The U.S. Ensign and the Arkansas Flag are normally flown from sunrise to sunset. However, at
most yacht clubs “colors are made” at 0800. This timing is proper when in the company
of other boats simultaneously making colors. The U.S. Ensign is flown first and lowered last.

If the Arkansas Flag is flown on sailing vessels: Sloops, cutters, and schooners while underway — sailing vessels with one mast should fly the U.S. Ensign at the stern staff, two-thirds of the way up the leech of the main sail (or at the top up the leech of the main sail (or at the top of the leech, if gaff-rigged). The Arkansas Flag should fly at the starboard spreader, or on the forward mast of a schooner.

While at anchor — The U.S. Ensign should fly from the stern staff and the Arkansas Flag from the starboard spreader. Yawls and ketches While underway — The U.S. Ensign should fly at the stern staff or at position two-thirds up the leech of the mizzen sail (or at the peak of the leech of the mizzen sail, if gaff-rigged). The Arkansas Flag should fly at the starboard spreader (“at the starboard spreader” means the spreader on the most forward mast if more than one and from the most outboard hoist of that spreader).

While at anchor — The U.S. Ensign should fly from the stern staff and the Arkansas Flag from the
starboard spreader. If the Arkansas Flag is flown on motorboats: While underway and at anchor — the U.S. Ensign should fly from the stern staff and the Arkansas Flag may be flown from the forestaff in lieu of a yacht club burgee. Motor boats with auxiliary masts should follow the rules for sailboats.

  Iron Mountain Yacht Club has Signed On with Boat/U.S.!

The Boat/U.S. Cooperating Groups program has proven so popular with members that club officers are renewing our partnership for another year.

Boat/U.S. provides a vast range of services, information and savings to recreational boaters, including:

  • Members-only discounts and Member Rewards with Boat/U.S. and West Marine equipment purchases

  • Discounts on fuel, overnight slips, and repairs at more than 750 marinas nationwide

  • On-the-water towing, with your choice of service levels – from $50 per incident (with Membership) up to Unlimited service – provided by the nation’s largest towing network

  • Access to high-value, low-cost group-rate boat insurance

  • Full year subscription to the award-winning Boat/U.S. Magazine, as well as the 1000-page Boat/U.S. Annual Equipment Catalog

  • An effective lobby that fights unfair taxes, fees, and government regulations that single out boat owners

Because of this special arrangement, you can get 50% off the regular annual dues rates when you join Boat/U.S. – the nation’s largest Association of recreational boat owners.         

For more information, contact: Jay Schafer, Regional Manager, Staff One, Inc.,501-224-1827 office direct, 866-501-1818 toll free, 501-346-4104 cell phone

If you are renewing your Boat/U.S. Membership, be sure to mention our Cooperating Group ID number GA83130Y to get the specially reduced rate.  Club officers encourage you to take advantage of this valuable program that is available only to Boat/U.S. Cooperating Groups like us.


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