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  The Last Race Day for Spring Regatta 2013


Once again the spring race season is over.  We all had a great time racing together.  There were a few equipment malfunctions over the season, but nothing too serious.  Most important was all the fun we had.

So no with the racing report……

We had a good turnout for the May 18th races with 5 boats racing: Little Girl, Gecko, Rama, Communion and Harmony.

The first race was from the marina, out through the narrows to the buoy off the park point (making a port rounding) and then back to the start line.  We got off to a slow start because of the poor winds.  It took almost 2 minutes to get across the starting line.  But when we finally got across it was Rama in the lead followed by Harmony, then Gecko, Little Girl and Communion.  Finally there was a puff of air and Little Girl caught it bringing her closer to the lead.  At the narrows Rama was still ahead and all the others had grouped up.  Definitely a photo opportunity, if I had remembered to bring my camera!  At the buoy it was Rama, Communion, Harmony and Little Girl.  I’m not sure where Gecko was (my boat scribe must have mutinied around then).  At the narrows everyone had to tack a lot because of the wind direction.  Finally breaking through the narrows it was Rama in the lead followed by Communion.  At the finish line Rama made 2 bad tacks but still managed to cross the line first.  Communion was second followed by Gecko (there we found her), then Harmony and Little Girl.  After the time adjustments were made Communion took first ways from Rama, all other positions remained the same.

The second race was out through the narrows to the little island on the north side of the lake making a starboard rounding, then to the buoy making another starboard rounding and back to the starting line.  Harmony made it across the line first followed by Little Girl, Gecko, Communion and finally Rama.  At the narrows Rama had caught up and pulled ahead with Communion second, then Little Girl, Gecko and Harmony.  On the way to the island Gecko put up her spinnaker.  When we reached the island it was still Rama in the lead followed by Communion, Little Girl, Harmony and then Gecko (I guess that spinnaker turned out to be more trouble the help).  At the narrows we were all in the same order but trying to find a quicker way through.  At the finish it was Rama crossing first, followed by Gecko, then Communion, Harmony and Little Girl.  After the time adjustments Communion once again took the lead away with Rama coming in second, then Harmony, Gecko and Little Girl

For the third race we were going to go out the narrows, make a port rounding at the buoy, then onto the little island making another port rounding and back to the starting line.  Gecko, Little Girl and Rama got off the line at about the same time followed by Harmony and CommunionCommunion got her jib tangled and had to straighten out that problem, but caught the group by the buoy.  As we rounded the buoy it was Rama in the lead followed by Communion, Harmony, Gecko and then Little Girl.  Those positions held around the island.  As we headed back we all had to play tag with a house boat.  On the sprint to the finish Rama decided to go east of the submerged island, close enough to walk ashore (too close for comfort).   Rama crossed the finish line first followed by Communion then Gecko, Little Girl and Harmony.  When I figured in the time correction I found out, to my great frustration once again, that Communion and taken first away again!!!!  Rama was second, with Gecko in third followed by Little Girl and Harmony.

Now I would tell you all where the overall positioning for the spring regatta stands, but that would take away the fun of making you wait until the 4th of July party.  Now you may think you know what the outcome will be, but remember when we drop everyone’s worst race day it can really change the positions around.  I look forward to seeing everyone at the next party when the season winners will be announced.


Bob Rhodey

Race Committee

  The Third Day of the Spring Regatta Or Where the Heck Did That Wind Come From???


As usual I am a little behind in getting out the results of the last day of racing.  But here it is in all it’s glory and ugliness.


We were hoping for a good day of racing.   The forecast was for winds out of the west at 15 to 20, so we had to plan out a new race course.  There were 4 boats ready to race: Gecko, Little Girl, Communion and RamaGecko went out to set a buoy off the point outside the narrows while the rest of us got ready to head out to meet Gecko.  We were barely past the marina buoys when Gecko calls and says the wind was really poor and coming out of the NE.  After some discussion about whether to start the race out in the main lake or move back to the marina starting line, we ended up deciding on using the marina.  By that time the wind was out of the south, what wind there was anyway.  So much for trusting the weather report!


Hoping we would have enough wind the first race was planned to go from the marina, out the narrows to the buoy, making a port rounding and back to the start.  We started the race and the wind decided to die.   It took a while just to get across the starting line.  Little Girl barely made it by the outside buoy.  We were all hoping for at least a little wind (there is the old saying “be careful what you wish for”).  But we all kept struggling.  It was Gecko, Rama, Communion and Little Girl as we neared the narrows.  Rama and Communion went to the east side of the narrows, Gecko was on the west side and Little Girl entered in about the middle.  When we finally made it to the buoy it was Rama in the lead followed by Communion, Gecko and Little Girl.  That is the way things stayed for the rest of the race with us all crossing the finish line in that same order.  After the math was figured nothing changed position wise.


We agreed that we would try another race and hope for better winds (they were picking up a little).  So for a second race we were going from the marina, out through the narrows and then to the little island west of the north shore boat ramp making a starboard rounding, then back to the buoy making a starboard rounding and back to the starting line.  We got off the starting line with Little Girl in the lead followed by Communion, then Rama and finally Gecko.  At the narrows we were all together.  Then it happened…..  As we exited the narrows and got into the main lake it was another world.  A huge wind was blowing down the lake right out of the west creating huge white capping waves (this is where that “being careful about what you wish for” come back to bite us!).   Trying to make it to the little island was a nightmare and we all were in for a major battle with wind and waves.  About half way there Rama asked is everyone was still willing to keep the race going.  It was decided that since we had made it half way to the island we might as well keep going.  I’d like to talk to who made that decision!  Rama who had established a large lead by the time everyone reached the main lake slowly lost that lead as she battled the wind.  By the time we were close to the island Gecko rounded first with a warning to the others to give plenty of room between boats and the island because of the wind.  Communion rounded second.   Rama and Little Girl were still fighting to just make it to the island (and losing the fight).  There was a close call….. Little Girl had lost her helm and Rama was flying down on her but managed to fall off thanks to some “frantic yells” and agreeable winds. But finally Rama said “enough” and dropped out, with Little Girl deciding the same thing right afterwards.     When Rama and Little Girl finally got headed back in we could see in the distance Gecko rounding the buoy, well what was changed for a buoy as ours seems to have been blown off position.  Then there went Communion around the actually buoy.  How either one had made it that far I do not know.  At least Communion had 2 extra crewmen to hang off the windward side of the boat, poor Gecko was just out there on her own.  But it was still exciting for the “drop outs”.  Trying to sail back in should have been easy, but with that trailing wind creating one and a half to two foot waves we thought we were in the ocean by the way we were being thrown about.  Rama was just thankful to make it to the narrows and some calm water so she could drop her sails.  Opps, got a little side tracked there…The race was still going one.  Gecko reached the finish line first with Communion coming is second.  Or you could say Communion came in “last” given that the rest of the racing fleet couldn’t finish the race.  Gecko and Communion should be congratulated for sailing through what were surely 30+ mph winds and being able to finish the race.  When the adjustments were made Communion managed to steal first place and that made Gecko last (okay, second).


This Saturday is the final race day of the Spring Regatta.  The positions seem to have been changing with each race, so there is no telling what the final results will be.  Hopefully we will have a good turnout for our last race day and end the season on a high note (with “nice” winds – as opposed to the “evil” kind).

Hopefully everyone is rested up, healed up and ready to sail.  See you all on Saturday.


Your Racing Committee (that’s me), Bob

  Photos of 3rd Regatta posted on Facebook!  Photo credit to Captain Ron Nash! Thanks!!!

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 Spring Regatta 2nd Race Day

This report should have come to you all last week, but it has taken this long to recover from the shock of the race day events.  But here it is, to the best of my knowledge, which will be explained shortly…..

We had another great turn out for the April 20th race day.  Little Girl was back from their great trip and ready to race.  Also the great “tall ship” was back with us….Rendezvous was back to race again (always the boat to beat) with a special crew aboard – Kathy was back with us.  Besides those two, racing that day were Rama, Gecko, Communion and Harmony.

The first race was our standard “warm up” race - starting from the marina buoys then out through the narrows to the buoy off the little park point by the causeway making a starboard rounding and then back to the starting line.  Everyone was preparing for the start of the race, getting their sails up, when things went wrong for Rama.  Her topping lift had broken a while back and a section of the cable was still attached to the top of the mast.  A case of  proper maintenance being put off too long.  The wire had become wrapped around the main halyard and it was impossible to raise the main, something we found out to our surprise and frustration as the race was getting ready to start.  So Rama was force to withdraw from the race, but hung around to at least start the race before heading back to the dock for repairs (hopefully).  The others got off to a good start and it was one of those photo moments.  Beyond that all the action of the race remains unknown because your reporter was not there to see any of it.  Back at the dock the “lighter” of the two crewmen was convinced to go up the mast to see if repairs could be made.  With the help of other club members, and another boat, we managed to get her up there.   Over the radio we could hear the race in progress and the biggest thing about the race seemed to be the lack of wind.   The race finished with Rendezvous coming in first followed by Communion, then Gecko, Harmony and Little Girl.  When the corrections were figured everything went crazy.  Communion took over first place (fellow sailors we have a new sheriff in town).  Rendezvous moved to second. Harmony took third followed by Gecko and then Little Girl

The first race had taken a good deal of time due to the poor winds, but the racers were willing to try one more race.   So the second race was going to be inside the fish bowl where there seemed to be a little more wind.  The race was from the marina to the pump-out island and back to the starting line.  Rama was still back at the dock, threatening to not let Julie come down until she fixed the problem.  The second race went much quicker.  Rendezvous crossed the finish line first, followed by Gecko, then Communion, Little Girl and Harmony.  After the corrections were made Gecko had taken first and Communion had taken second.  Rendezvous was knocked back to third followed by Harmony and then Little Girl.

The winds were picking back up so it was agreed that a third race would happen.  Rama, after over one and a half hours with Julie up the mast, finally got the topping lift wire disconnected and was ready to enter the races.  This race was out through the narrows to the buoy making a port rounding and then back to the marina.  We all got off the starting line together.  Rendezvous broke away from the group and took the lead.  Rendezvous and Rama headed towards the eastern side of the narrows and while the others hugged the western side.  In the narrows those on the western side seemed to hit a dead space but then picked the wind back up and the race was back on.  Regretfully faulty memory clouds my memory.  But after rounding the buoy Gecko was on the western side of the narrows while Rendezvous was more to the center followed by Rama.  Followed by Communion, Little Girl and Harmony, not necessarily in the order (that memory thing again).  Gecko, who is always able to sail close to the wind was trying to sneak past the western shore so she could make a straight run to the finish line.  Rendezvous was off towards the eastern side of the bowl tacking to make her run for the finish.  Rama was more in the middle of the bowl “trying” to tack and slip in front of Rendezvous.  Well as it turned out Gecko made her line and finished first.  Rama did her best to catch Rendezvous, but just couldn’t catch up to that faster and better sailed boat.  So Rendezvous was second and Rama third.  Next Communion crossed followed by Little Girl and then Harmony.  The corrections once again made some major changes in the places.  Gecko held onto first, but Communion took second.  Rama stayed in third, Rendezvous was slipped back into forth followed by Little Girl and then Harmony.

That third race was exciting and Gecko was happy to beat Rendezvous thanks to finding that line in the narrows.  It was great to race against Rendezvous again, she is always the fastest boat out there and sets the standard.  Of course that is the reason we have the correction factors which makes racing more equal between the boats.  Today’s races were a good example of that equalizing of the racers.  So all you other sailors out there who have been thinking about racing with us, but are unsure of yourselves or worry your boat may not be that fast.  Just ask a new racer like Communion what she thinks about a new racer’s chances.  So come on out and race with us this weekend!

After two days of racing the overall standings have changed:



            3rd - Rama



            6thLittle Girl



Don’t forget that before the final places are decided at the end of the season, we will drop everyone’s worse day of racing and then refigure the results.  So even if you have a bad day you can make that day go away.  Plus it always makes the final results more of a mystery with that final little twist of fate.

Your race committee, Bob

  04/1/2013 -- From The Race Committee:  The new regatta season is underway.  We had a great day for racing with all the wind we could handle (and then some).  We had a great turnout for the start of this season with 5 boats taking part in the first race.  Regretfully Little Girl was not able to race with us this time, and we sure missed her being out there.  But on the positive side hopefully they are having a wonderful time on the high seas!  We also had a new sailor with us, Communion.   It is always great to have more folks getting involved in the racing program, especially as racing is the main “sailing” function of IMYC.  So welcome Communion.  We had our regulars out there: Gecko, Bogy, Rama and Sea FoxHarmony was also planning to race with us, but had halyard problems and had to come back to the dock for repairs.  Conditions called for strong winds but no one did any reefing, but had made sure they had plenty of crew aboard.  Well everyone except Sea Fox and Gecko.   Gecko never needs help but Sea Fox was wondering if conditions were too bad or not, but he was sporting enough to give it a try.   Winds were out of the south at 10 to 20 with forecasted gusts of 30 m.p.h.

The first race was from the marina starting line, out through the narrows to a buoy set off the part peninsula making a starboard rounding and then back to the starting line.  We had a good start with everyone getting off the line fairly well together (where is that camera when you need it!).  Of course being the first race of the spring season you have to have something special …… So just as the race started and we were passing the submerged island there came the roar of jet airplanes and two fighter planes did a “fly over”.   I won’t tell you how difficult it was to orchestrate that special ceremony.   Anyway as be entered the narrows Gecko was in the lead followed by Bogy, then Rama, Communion and Sea Fox.   As we came out the other side the positioning was in the same order.  On the way to the buoy Rama passed Bogy and closed with Gecko.  At the buoy Rama was leading but in rounding the buoy had some communication problems as the Revolutionary War was re-fought.  By the time Rama got it together Gecko was well in the lead and Bogy had taken over second place.  Communion was the next around followed by Sea Fox.  Back in the Narrows the winds were intense and Rama took over second and was chasing Gecko who had a good lead.  At the finish line everyone had to make extra tacks in order to be able to cross the line.  Gecko crossed first followed by Rama then Bogy and CommunionSea Fox never made it through the Narrows because of the winds and had to drop out of the race.  After the time adjustments were made the all those positions stayed the same.

The second race was out through the narrows to the buoy making a port rounding, then onto the little island off the north shore of the lake making another port rounding and then back to the starting line.  It was another good start with Rama leading followed by Gecko, Communion and Bogy.  At the Narrows Gecko had taken over the lead.  At the buoy Gecko’s lead had shrunk to 2 boat lengths with Rama hot on her tail followed by Communion and Bogy.  Those positions held around the island and all the way to the Narrows.  In the Narrows Rama managed to pass Gecko.   By that time Communion and Bogy had fallen far behind.   Rama got a good line and held onto the lead all the way to the finish line, with Gecko coming in second, then Communion and Bogy.   After the time adjustments were made the once again all the positions remained the same.

The third race was out through the narrows making a starboard rounding at the buoy, then back through the Narrows to the pump house island making another starboard rounding and then back to the starting line.  Harmony had finally gotten his halyard problem straightened out and joined us for this race.  We all got off the line in good order and the final race was on.  Rama led through the Narrows and to the buoy followed by Gecko.  As we rounded the buoy and headed back towards the fish bowl conditions were getting difficult and figuring out “who was where” wasn’t where my mind was at, it was just a battle with the winds. The wind picked up and we knew that it was going to be difficult sailing coming back through the Narrows.  And it was very true.  Everyone was knocked around and getting rounded up was pretty common for everyone, bunches of times.  The winds got friendlier as we neared the pump house island and then there was a nice broad reach all the way to the finish line.  Rama finished first followed by Gecko, then Harmony and finally Communion and Bogy.  After the time adjustments were made the (this isn’t really a broken record) positions all remained the same.

We had all had enough of the wind, which was only getting stronger, and decided to call it a day.  Gecko braved the winds and went out to pick up the buoy and had trouble getting where he wanted to go even with his motor running.  Regretfully the nice buoy weights Gecko had made for us met their end that day.  They must have been hung up on at tree on the bottom and while fighting to bring the buoy in, both weights, the pulley and 100 feet of line were all lost, but the buoy was saved.  Gecko assures us that he will have another working system by the time we race again.  For a new sailor, Communion deserves all our congratulations for hanging in there and finishing all three races under those tough conditions. 

The next race is on April 20th which is also the crawdad boil.  We look forward to seeing everyone that day, hopefully we will have another good turnout for the races.

After the first day of racing here are the standings:

            1st – Rama

            2nd – Gecko

            3rd – Communion

            4th – Harmony

            5th – Bogy

            6th – Sea Fox


Revised 21 Feb, 2008


The IMYC Yacht racing schedule and format will be announced by the Race Committee in the Racing Schedule.  The Racing Schedule will specify racing dates, individual regattas/series/combination, trophies, handling of delayed or postponed races, skipper’s meeting details and any other necessary information.  Make up races and reschedule will be scheduled as needed.  SKIPPERS MEETING ALL SATURDAYS AT 10 AM!!!



Contestants will receive 1.5 points for each first place finish, 2 points for second, 3 points for third and so on.  The winner is the contestant with the lowest point total for the event.  In the event of a tie, the lowest total corrected time will determine the winner.



Races shall be sailed under the Racing Rules of Sailing for 2005 - 2008 of the International Sailing Federation.  The Racing Rules can be downloaded free of charge from the following link:[435].pdf



All skippers should hail for their rights well in advance of any disputed situation.  Any yacht which acknowledges her foul may exonerate herself by completing a 360-degree maneuver immediately after the foul, but not before she has started.  Protests must be presented in writing to the Race Committee within 30 minutes of the return to dock of the acting race committee chair in order to be considered valid.



IMYC will use the Time Correction Factor (TCF) system for determining corrected finish times and scores.  The starting values will be determined based on standard IMYC PHRF handicaps and calculated such that in average wind conditions the results will be the same as PHRF.  The difference is that the TCF will increase the time difference on slow, light wind race days and decrease the difference on fast, windy days.  Adjustments will also be included for sail area, fixed props, etc. as described in the Ratings Adjustments section.



All corrected times will be calculated as:

Corrected Time = That Yacht’s Elapsed Time   times   its TCF


                                Where              TCF =  ___________650_______________

                                                                550 + Adjusted IMYC PHRF Rating


              IMYC PHRF Rating                      TCF               Elapsed Time          Corrected Time

                        242                              0.821               4,387 sec                3,600 sec

                        200                              0.867               4,154 sec                3,600 sec

                        155                              0.922               3,905 sec                3,600 sec



Each yacht’s TCF will be modified to reflect the adjustments described in this section prior to the computation of that yacht’s corrected time.  Each participant may, before each regatta, designate their Ratings Class as: RACING, CRUISING, or NOVICE.  The declaration is purely at the discretion of the competitor, except that any competitor who has a declared class of Novice and finishes in first place in any race during this racing year shall automatically have his class changed to Cruising prior to the next race.  Absent any declaration, a yacht shall be scored with a Ratings Class of Racing. Adjustments shall be made to a yacht’s IMYC TCF based on the following guides:




Reduce elapsed time by 1.5%





MAX JIB SIZE less than 150% or greater than 155% LP

Reduce or Increase elapsed time by 1% per 10% of LP



MAX JIB SIZE less than 150% or greater than 155% LP

Reduce or Increase elapsed time by 0.5% per 10% of LP




No Adjustment

SPINNAKER – Cruising

Increase elapsed time by 0.5%


Increase elapsed time by 1.0%



CLASS – Racing

No Adjustment

CLASS – Cruising

Reduce elapsed time by 1%

CLASS – Novice

Reduce elapsed time by 2%



Time limits and cancellation or postponement for weather conditions will be at the discretion of the race committee.



The only allowable source of energy for propelling a yacht through the water shall be the wind. Section 50 of the Racing Rules is modified to allow ANY means of sail attachment, placement, and sheeting, so long as the wind provides the only source of energy.



Mark rounding will NOT be an integral part of finishing.  When a Mark forms one end of the finish line, the final leg shall extend from the last Mark directly to the finish line.


The start of the race will be signaled in the following manner.  Flags are lowered one minute prior to the hoisting of the next.         

The race committee will endeavor to notify each yacht Recalled by two horn sounds and by Hailing, but it is the responsibility of each yacht to make a proper start.

For convenience, each visual signal is expected to be accompanied by a sound signal.  However the visual signals will govern.  The signal occurs at the time the flag reaches the top of its travel.

The course and any other necessary information for each race will be displayed on the Committee Boat prior to the Preparatory Signal.  It is the responsibility of each competitor to acquire the necessary race information.  While the Committee Boat posting is the official site of the information, for convenience VHF channel 71 will be used when possible to aid in race related communications.


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